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Are you ready to light up the world with your love of nutrition and wellness? Looking to change your career path or add health coach to your resume? The Institute for Integrative Nutrition was instrumental in my career path as well as my health.

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I am now so much more secure about my available power and inner She-Beast.
Jennifer is inspiring, motivating and knowledgeable and doesn’t take women’s safety lightly

- Karlita Cavalli

TV Host

Jennifer - you are one kick ass awesome BAD ASS chick. Can't wait to have you back when this thing is on TV!

- Jenny McCarthy

TV Personality

Loved your tips on how women can be safe. I'll never look at stilettos the same way! #PrettyAndDeadly

- Marie Osmond

TV Host

Jennifer embraces a mind and body approach to nutrition and healing and understands that one size does not fit all. I'm thrilled that Jennifer and I will be working side by side on PALETA's own Nutrition Consultative Services division.

- Kelly Boyer

Founder/CEO Paleta


Stilettos and Self Defense

Jennifer Cassetta teaches women the ABC’s of Self-Defense and the most effective blocks, strikes, knees, and kicks for the beginner.

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