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Jennifer Cassetta is a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and self defense expert. Her recipe for success is part kick-ass, part nurturing and unlimited amounts of empowerment. She’s taught the likes of Carrie Fisher, Jenny McCarthy and Marie Osmond how to defend themselves while wearing stilettos. Jennifer speaks to audiences around the world regarding safety, self defense, wellness and sexual assault prevention. She’s also been known as a traveling health coach, training clients around the globe. 

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Programs with Jennifer

Hear Me Roar

Hear Me Roar is a way to take back your power once and for all. Through personal stories, self confidence exercises, personal safety techniques and social media activities.

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Strong, Safe & Sexy Workouts

Workout from home with top fitness instructor, Jenn Cassetta to achieve a strong, safe and sexy body. The workout series includes kickboxing, HIIT, core strengthening and lower body toning.

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Kajabi Workout

Stilettos & Self Defense

This is the ultimate self-defense DVD for women of all ages. Stilettos and Self Defense™ is taught in an easy-to-follow seminar format. Jennifer Cassetta teaches women the ABC’s of self-defense and the most effective blocks, strikes, knees, and kicks for the beginner.

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Meal Plans by Jennifer

Looking to try the vegan diet, the paleo or gluten free diet but not sure where to begin? Clinical nutritionist, Jennifer Cassetta, has prepared these 21 Day Meal Plans for you. She makes it easy for you to follow by providing simple recipes, a calendar so you can plan ahead, and shopping lists to take to the grocery store with you.

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Mealplans by Jennifer Cassetta

Become a Health Coach

Like me, you probably have a thirst for all things healthy.With the training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition you will be able to share your knowledge with the world.

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Become a Nutritionist with Jennifer Cassetta


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