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By September 12, 2011Fitness, Nutrition

Hello Again!

I’m back at it and ready to go with tons more information that all relates to Health and the City. Health and the City isn’t just for city folk, it’s for anyone with a hectic lifestyle. Living in NYC for 15 years gave me more than just a taste of living a chaotic life. Straight out of college, I lived off of a shoestring budget, in cramped apartments, worked crazy hours and my body eventually caught up with my lifestyle. I was surviving on espresso, cigarettes (yes, can you believe it) and a take-out diet.

In 2000, I began to train in HapKiDo at the best martial arts school I have yet to encounter, World Martial Arts Center in NYC, and my life changed. Encouraged for years by my father, now a 73 year old health nut, Tae Kwon Do master, to take up martial arts, I had always resisted until one day. I tried it. I loved it. I was hooked. I changed my diet to a vegetarian one (I have since included seafood to my diet), gave up the tar and nicotine, and eye twitch and all, I eventually gave up the caffeine.

Yes, the self-defense skills were important, the people were nice, and the weapons were awesome! But what I enjoyed most is that intense high you get after an excruciating, total body workout. In my first year I went from taking 3 classes per week, to nearly 5 or 6. In my second year, I began assistant instructing classes and by my third I was leading classes. I also knew I wanted to make health and wellness not only my hobby but my career. That’s when I became a personal trainer, became certified with NASM, and worked at a gym for a year. I soon started my own private practice and my health coaching career had begun to pick up momentum.

I came across the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and completed the holistic health coaching program in 2005.  With these new skills under my belt along with my passion for healthy eating and prevention, I added holistic health coaching to my practice. By 2009, I also graduated from the University of Bridgeport with a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition. I also tested for my 3rd degree black belt and passed! Soon after, I packed my life up and moved to Los Angeles. It was hard leaving my dedicated clientele, my family, friends and my martial arts family. But the sunshine was calling.

So, here I am, two years later, with my new practice in Los Angeles, teaching bootcamps, nutrition counseling, private training, teaching self defense, loving it all and back to blogging. I also created a series of self defense DVD’s especially for women!

Health and the City still encompasses my life living in a city, it’s just a different one now. This is still where you will find health and fitness tips for the busy professional, the crazed mom, the Wall Street broker, the TV producer, the post college grad, and you. So check back for updates, weight loss tips, wellness and disease prevention articles, as well as healthy and easy recipes. Talk soon!

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