Move Over Jillian

By September 17, 2011Fitness, Nutrition

Move over Jillian Michaels. For the month of September I have my very own Biggest Loser competition going on. Except there is no cash prize, no ranch, and no screaming. There is just my client, let’s call him Steve, and me, the trainer and nutritionist. I was hired to help kick start Steve’s weight loss after reaching an all-time high of close to 300 pounds. I was flown to the east coast to spend the month in Connecticut, asked my aunt if I could move in with her to be close to my client, and took the plunge.

From Day 1, Steve was gung ho about his new program. About 8 years prior he had accomplished a major weight loss goal and even competed in a serious triathlon. What I am still getting to the bottom of is what happened between then and now. As we all know, there is more to weight gain then just science, calories, and exercise. There is a major emotional component that is usually at the root of any weight problem. Courtesy to Jillian, we got to witness her breaking down the client emotionally to get to the root of their emotional issues. It’s good TV, but it can be done in other, more subtle ways as well.

We started the first week with a bang! Even with Steve’s busy work and kid’s schedule, he made it a priority to work out every morning and some days even fit in a second workout in the evening. On Day 3, we went for a 7 mile walk around the southern tip of Manhattan. He got the day after off, well deserved. Most importantly he altered his diet. He is a pretty type A guy which has its benefits when it comes to weight loss. He can go cold turkey. So out went the processed carbohydrates including bread (his vice), pasta, white rice, anything with processed sugar, and alcohol for 30 days.

The weight and fat is flying off and by Day 12 he is down 15 pounds. We are swimming, walking, boxing, weight training, stretching and even started to jog! Today, we are almost half way through the program and he even looks different already and seems younger to me.

Why am I telling you all of this and why am I journaling it? The same reason the Biggest Loser was one of the biggest hits on NBC! Because it is inspirational to see what the human body can do, when the human mind is fully committed. Anyone can make small changes to their diet and fitness routines to make changes in their health. Young, old, small, big, busy, male, female, wealthy or not, every person is responsible for their own body. Start with your mind and a plan and the body will follow.

Ps – I’ll give you more “behind-the-scene” details about what goes down on the Biggest Loser Ranch in a later post, after my visit there over the summer.

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