Stilettos and Self Defense in Studio City

By October 4, 2011Self Defense

On July 27th of this past year, a woman in her 50’s was raped in an alley right off of a busy intersection of Ventura Blvd. near Laurel Canyon in Studio City. It was about 11pm when a man approached her with a knife and forced her to the ground and raped her. This was the seventh, yes seventh, rape that occurred in that neighborhood, in one year.

Studio City is swarming with young, attractive girls who are actors or trying to be. This neighborhood is the perfect hunting ground for perverts and rapists. Hence, so many sexual assaults that were reported within a year. Remember, there are always more that aren’t reported.

So, when my friend Karla Cavalli heard the news, her and her neighbors took matters into their own hands and called me in for a Stilettos and Self Defense workshop. I booked the space at Body Women Only gym which happens to be spitting distance from where the rape took place. Out of over 30 women who signed up, including Teri Hatcher and her daughter, we had a group of about 16 fierce women and girls who empowered themselves by learning self defense. Teri bailed on me.

Everyone learned the basics of self defense, kicked bags, got out of chokes and learned self defense techniques like biting, ear clapping, and jabbing keys into your attacker’s eyes. Gruesome stuff, but awesome energy! The ladies loved it and asked me to come back. Rapists beware: Don’t mess with these women!

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  • MarcConley says:

    The importance of women learning self-defense is very much. Women are targeted a lot these days, they are been raped. Learning self-defense will make them to be aware of their surroundings and also they can do something to escape from the attacker. Teaching women self-defense is a very good thing.

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