Would you, could you give up meat for one week?

Twelve years ago I gave up on all meat and I never looked back. My dog was sick with cancer and we had to put her down. Cancer? Isn’t that only for humans, I thought? Well, something intuitively told me that I should investigate and just to be safe, I gave up meat in honor of my mutt, Dutchess, for one week. Needless to say, that week turned into a lifestyle that I still adhere to 12 years later. Six years ago I added fish to my vegetarian diet , which changed my diet status to pescetarian.

I started to do my research and read books like Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser and The Food Revolution by John Robbins. They really hit home and in 2004 I studied holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

I clearly remember sitting in the auditorium at the Time Warner Center listening to Joshua Rosenthal, the founder of IIN, recalling a story of a past student of his. Her husband was a butcher and one day while at the butcher shop she asked him why some of the hanging cow carcasses had a greenish film on them.  He told her that the greenish parts were cancerous and they just cut them off and sell the rest of the meat.

Ah hah! My intuition was right. We are actually eating meat from diseased animals! This solidified my dietary decisions from then on and my further research on factory farming also led me to the same conclusions.

So, why do I tell this story? It is NOT to try and scare you into giving up meat, becoming a vegetarian and definitely not a vegan. It is, however, to get more people to be aware of what they are eating, where it came from, and if there are better choices.

I will be writing more posts in the near future on some other reasons why I don’t eat most animals and how doing so can save our planet’s natural resources like water and the rain forest as well as enhance our health.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, would you give up meat for one week?

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