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By October 26, 2011Fitness

Before I get started with this blog I want you to know that my political views are not reflected in this post. Politics has always been a topic that brings emotions to the surface, and if you’re from a loud Italian-American family like me, this means loud arguments. So, I tend to shy away from the topic, at least publicly. However, this post is about health. As you know, something I am extremely passionate about and at times, loud and obnoxious.

As I was watching the news weeks ago, listening to discussions of New Jersey’s governor Chris Christie running for president, I thought to myself, this guy can’t run for anything. On a treadmill or a campaign trail, this guy is really only a candidate for a heart attack.  As news spread of his possible running for president so did the jokes about his weight, and even made a David Letterman Top Ten list.

I like this guy and his very east coast, frank, and down to earth way of communicating, and I can’t say that about most politicians. So, in an effort to help, I reached out to his office to offer my weight loss expertise. Here is my letter to him in which I left out my bio/credentials to save time:

Dear Mr. Christie,

I like your style. As a nutritionist and personal trainer, I feel that it is my mission to help you reach your optimal health so you’ll have the stamina and strength to run for any major office.

My last client who is busy running his own hedge fund, worked with me for 30 days and lost 30 pounds and 5% body fat. This is my expertise, I can guarantee results and I would love to work with you. Please see my website: for more info.

In 2 months of working with me, I can help you lose 40 pounds and develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits to help you get on your way. Afterward, we can work on a maintenance plan for your continued success.

Thank you for your consideration. This is a matter of your life and health.


Jennifer Cassetta, CN, MS, HHC

Today, I got a response:

Dear Ms. Cassetta:

Thank you for your kind offer and your letter of concern for my wellbeing.  I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  I plan on being around to serve the residents of New Jersey and am firm in my resolve to get New Jersey back on track and won’t slow down.  While New Jersey faces many challenges, we have a unique opportunity to strengthen our economy, implement responsible budgetary and tax policies and bring about a more efficient and effective state government.

Best wishes.


Chris Christie, Governor

I appreciate getting a response at all and just thought I would share this with you all. He has since announced he will not be running in the next presidential race, but I would urge you, Mr. Christie, to start with a 5K race, so you can be around for another four years. I’m still here to help!


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