Thanksgiving Sides: Krispy Kale Chips

By November 16, 2011Recipes

Countdown to Thanksgiving! The day where Americans like to cook loads of food, eat more than is comfortable and give thanks for all that we have. Usually, the turkey gets all the hype, but considering I don’t eat turkey, I like to think the best part of the meal are the sides. I will be posting veggie-friendly side dishes all week to add to your Thanksgiving feast, sans the beast.

First one up: Krispy Kale Chips

This is a quick and easy way to serve your guests a healthy appetizer, packed with calcium and other minerals, instead of chips filled with fat and calories. Trust me, your guests will love this and appreciate the fact that you care enough to feed them well.


Olive Oil
Sea salt

Directions: Wash and separate kale leaves. I like to remove the stems. Massage each leaf with olive oil. Or spray the leaves with an olive oil spray to reduce the oil used. Place on baking tray and sprinkle sea salt to taste. Option: sprinkle some fresh Parmeggiano Reggiano cheese on top instead of salt. Bake at 350 degrees until crisp.

Hint: I would buy at least 2 bunches of kale if feeding more than 6 people. They go fast.

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