Your Airport Cheat Sheet

By December 16, 2011Nutrition

Traveling for the Holidays?

“Chicken club or chicken skewers?” the air hostess asked me this morning on my Delta flight. Luckily I don’t eat chicken or I may have been in a real conundrum. I mean, is that really a choice? Since I have been traveling a lot lately I figured this is a great time to blog about how to stay Health and the City savvy at airports. The secret to sticking to your healthy routine is preparation.

First things first, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water the night before you fly, on your way to the airport and finish a bottle before you get to security. Avoid soda and caffeine during long flights as this will worsen dehydration and turn your pretty little fingers and toes into sausages.

Pack snacks for short flights and plan your meals before the airport and after. I am always packing some nuts or trail mix and an apple or banana. They travel well and keep me satiated and my blood sugar level for at least three to four hours. For longer flights I will pick up one of the snacks listed below on the Acceptable Airport Snacks list. Don’t wait to get onto the flight before stocking up on snacks or you may not have many choices and wind up choosing junk food out of desperation.

Here’s a cheat sheet for your holiday travel:

Avoid this:
– Pre-packaged yogurt parfaits with granola: it looks like a healthy choice but these sweet snacks are loaded with sugar making it a carbohydrate overload.
– Mega-sized sandwiches: deli meats are processed and filled with unhealthy chemicals served on low quality, white bread
– Fast food: This means all burgers, fries, pizza, for obvious reasons. They are high in calories, trans fats, sodium and simply, low quality food.

Acceptable Airport Snacks:
– Salads (use as little dressing as possible)
– Hard boiled eggs
– Sabra hummus with pretzel pack
– Greek yogurt (low fat)
– Nuts and/or trail mix
– Popcorn

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