Your Health Reality Check

Goals and resolutions are great. But first, you need to know where you are before you can chart out where you are going. In order for your GPS to work, you need your current location, in this instance; I mean your health stats.

As a holistic health coach, it is essential for me to get all of my clients’ stats before beginning any program. You can do the same for yourself now. Here’s how:

1. Buy a good quality digital scale. Everybody should know how much they weigh. This way weight can’t just “sneak up” on you over the course of a few months or even years. People with the most success in maintaining their weight weigh themselves at least weekly.

2. Rate your energy level. For one week keep track of your energy levels throughout the day. Use a scale from 1 to 10 and chart out any dips that may occur throughout your day. This is a great realization on the quality of your life. Are you running around exhausted all day? Proper sleep and nutrition are going to be the solution to energy slumps.

3. Invest in a body fat percentage monitor. They can be purchased online for about $40. This device is a great reality check. Your body fat is a great indicator of your overall health and how close or far away you are from disease. Are you skinny fat? Or fat fat? Or do you have a good percentage of lean muscle mass that helps you burn more calories?

4. Buy a tape measure for less than 3 bucks at a drug store. Measure your waist and hips and record it.

5. Get to a doctor. If you haven’t had a physical in years, then schedule one today. Get your blood pressure tested, your blood profile and your inflammation levels. Cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammation are another excellent indicator for dis-ease in your body.

Once you are armed with this information, you can devise a plan to either maintain or improve your stats for 2012 and beyond. Everybody needs a good reality check but don’t let any of it get you down. Record all your stats in one easy-to-find location so you can keep track of your progress. Believe that you can and work hard at your goals and you can achieve them.

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