Stilettos and Self Defense DVD Series Finally Here!

By February 8, 2012Self Defense

I am proud to announce the official launch of my Stilettos and Self Defense DVD series! They are now available for purchase for women and men everywhere. They are even a great Valentine’s Day gift for your best friend, daughter, girlfriend and wife. Men: don’t be fooled, these are not just for girls. The Defensive Tactics and Improvised Weapons videos are right up your alley!

Stilettos and Self Defense:   In this easy-to-follow seminar format, you will learn the ABC’s of self defense and how to be smart in your stilettos. Watch and follow along with girls learning to keep their balance and fight back against punches, chokes, and grabs while in their stilettos. Learn how to knee, kick, and strike your way to safety. Why stilettos? Because chances are you are not going to be attacked barefoot while out on the street.

Defensive Tactics:  No weapon? No problem. No matter what your size, height or gender you will learn how to avoid danger. However, sometimes danger gets the best of you so you must know; the 3 rules to a fight, how to use your body as a weapon and key techniques to escape different grabs, holds and chokes and even to deflect blows.

Improvised Weapons:  Learn how to use items you may have on you, or in your purse, to defend yourself. How can a rolled up magazine, steel-barreled pen or set of keys save your life? Find out how to hold your weapons, where to strike, and what techniques will work best to create enough damage to escape.

Watch the trailer here!

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