This past weekend I, along with 4,000 others, attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s (IIN) Mega Conference in Long Beach, CA. I graduated from this school in 2005 and am still lucky enough to attend their free conferences where some of the top nutrition experts in the world speak.

I’ve been to these weekends before but this past weekend was different for me. I left there with my health coaching batteries so recharged that I actually can feel the energy pulsing through my body.

We heard from raw food expert David Wolfe, emotional eating expert Geneen Roth, addiction expert Julia Ross, super smartie pants Gary Taubes, Asian medicine expert Paul Pitchford, and best-selling author John Robbins. Intermittently, we heard from graduates who shared their success stories of using their health coaching skills to change the world. Stay tuned for individual blogs on each of these expert talks.

What changed for me is the fact that when I was in the program back in 2004, nobody had really heard of IIN, let alone knew what a health coach was.  I combined my health coaching skills with my martial arts and fitness training to create a thriving practice. Over the years, I got a Master’s degree in nutrition and concentrated on my fitness business most. However, I think the world of health is changing. I think more and more people want to learn how they can rely on themselves to take care of their health and less on doctors and drugs. I think people want guidance and education on their health, energy and longevity. Fitness is fabulous but it is only one component of true health, the kind of health that lasts for a lifetime. Therefore, I am shifting my practice back towards nutrition, wellness and health. Look out for the launch of some new group programs that will be coming in the next month.

Thanks IIN and Joshua Rosenthal for re-IINspiring me to follow my mission as a health coach and expert!

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  • Sarah says:

    I was at the IIN Conference too – and felt that same energy. You describe it perfectly. It’s an exciting time; proud to be a fellow IIN’er!

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