Miss Representation

By March 8, 2012Self Defense

“The most common way people give up their power, is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

As I looked around the Long Beach Convention center this past weekend at the 4,000 attendees and watched the names of the 2012 Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s (IIN) graduating class on the mega-sized screens scroll away, something became very clear. Women are the majority, not minority when it comes to the health industry. More than 90% of the students, grads and employees of IIN are women. Women are more likely to buy health books, DVDs and supplements than men. Women are mostly doing the food shopping and cooking for the family. Women are in charge!

So why is it that women are still represented poorly in the media? I don’t have the answers to this question, however, there are solutions in the form of education and empowerment. At the IIN conference, they played a movie trailer called Miss Representation created by Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

Missrepresentation.org is a call-to-action campaign that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge limiting labels in order to realize their potential, and encourage men and boys to stand up to sexism. Join the movement. Start taking action today.”

Take a few minutes to watch the trailer and share it with your girlfriends, daughters, and sisters. It’s a great compliment to Stilettos and Self Defense, which empowers women to learn how to avoid and protect themselves against violence. I’ve never considered myself a “feminist” but I do think that it is time to start educating our young girls and boys around a very big issue. Education + Empowerment = Change. Go girls!

Click here to watch the trailer.

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