A Night of Yoga for Autism

By April 12, 2012Self Defense

Last night I attended an event hosted by the fabulous and fun Jenny McCarthy. As gorgeous as she is, she is not just another Hollywood pretty face! This fierce woman is a spokesperson for Danskin (who sponsored the event) as well as an advocate for autism. Generation Rescue is the organization that she has chosen to align herself with and was the beneficiary of last night’s event. Because of Jenny, Danskin donated $10,000 to Generation Rescue. I love those giant cardboard checks!

Generation Rescue gives parents hope, resources and even grants to those who cannot afford treatment for their child with autism. Looking through their site, I love seeing that they provide information on how diet can affect these children. It turns out that many children that have been diagnosed as autistic actually have some form of inflammation in their gut and can have mild to severe food allergies. Which when treated with an elimination diet and supplements can make a world of difference to the child’s mental and physical abilities. I first learned of this concept listening to my fave DR Mark Hyman at a conference called Food as Medicine. He has helped heal so many children with different disorders all with integrative medicine. Love him!

Back to last night. Instead of the lame cocktail party, Danskin’s event featured a fun yoga class with Liz Arch (my new favorite yogini), and fit and healthy treats afterward. I got to thank Jenny in person for having me on her TV pilot last summer, teaching her Stilettos and Self Defense and gave her a copy of my new DVD series. And by the way, did I mention it was at the London Hotel (LA), on their rooftop at sunset? Great event Danskin and way to go Jenny! Keep up the amazing work.

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