Stilettos and Self Defense Teams up with LuxLyfe

By April 19, 2012Self Defense, Videos


This week has been a great week for blogging! My fabulous friend and lifestyle blogger Sharzad, of LuxLyfe, has collaborated with me to raise awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We filmed a short video in an alley to give our readers tips on safety and how to protect yourself if attacked.

Tip number one ladies: Put the cell phones away! You can always wait to answer a text or check a voicemail until you are safely indoors or locked inside your car, after you have checked the backseat before getting in. So, without further adieu, here is our collabo!

Excerpt from LuxLyfe:

April is sexual assault awareness month and in honor of that I asked my friend Jennifer Cassetta to do an ass kicking (more like groin bashing) demo for us. She has some awesome tips on how to protect yourself if you are ever caught in a compromising situation.  Learn, enjoy, and please be safe out there friends!

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