5 Tips for the Fiercely Zen Mom

By June 11, 2012Fitness, Self Defense

I recently met The Zen Mom, and media expert, Angela Chee at a business conference. I loved her brand and blog The Zen Mom so much that I wrote a guest post for it and below is an excerpt from the article:

When I was single I took a self-defense course.  Now that I’m a mom I haven’t thought as much about it, but it’s even more important than ever to be aware and be able to protect yourself and your family. So when I met Jennifer Cassetta she inspired me to make it more of a priority and wanted her to share her expertise with you as a guest contributor.

Moms, have you ever been in a situation where you felt that you and your child may be in danger? Did the hair on the back of your neck stand and did you feel your blood begin to boil? If so, then chances are you are a fiercely Zen mom.

In my martial arts training in HapKiDo, my Master used a Korean symbol which he placed on the school flags and other marketing materials in the training studio. It wasn’t until he placed it on my business cards that I finally inquired to what it translated to. It stood for “Calm and Balanced in the Face of Adversity”. I later incorporated this principle into my own Stilettos and Self Defense workshops and DVD series, where I teach women to avoid danger, but fight back when they need to.

So, when I met Angela Chee, her The Zen Mom brand reminded me of that same symbol with such a strong meaning. To be in a state of Zen is bliss. To be able to be in a state of Zen while going through chaos is fierce. This practice will help you avoid danger and increase the safety of you and your family.

Here are 5 Ways to Be a Fiercely Zen Mom and to stay safe, aware and empowered so you can be in control even when faced with adversity.

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