San Francisco Stilettos and Self Defense

By July 12, 2012Self Defense

This weekend I took Stilettos and Self Defense on the road to the foggy city of San Francisco. I teamed up with the girls who founded FitApproach, an online community for fitness-minded females everywhere. They packed the house with 25 ladies, and 1 guy, all eager to learn how to defend themselves in the face of danger.

This class full of young women inspired me so much! I learned from a group of them, later at lunch, that most of them had their own story of being in a dangerous situation where they could have used this self defense training. One young woman was mugged on the street right outside of her apartment building one night. She screamed for help and she was filled with hope by the sight of her neighbors’ lights flickering on. These neighbors of hers never called the police and never came to rescue her as she was hoping they would. Instead, they ignored her cries for help, like so many people do when faced with this kind of situation. She was lucky enough not to be too harmed physically, but I am sure emotionally this type of attack leaves scars.

So, if you think self defense class isn’t for you, please remember that this is a set of skills that every woman at every age should learn. You just never know in life. So again, a big shout out to the ladies of FitApproach! The streets of San Francisco are now just a bit safer because of these 25 gals. Thank you for coming!

And PS – Major shout out to AwesomeBars founders, the Granola sisters, Leah and Stephanie, for providing all of us with tasty post-workout snacks. I’m out and am going to have to order more!


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