Do you find yourself staring at someone with really beautiful clear skin? I do. To me, someone’s complexion can send such a clear message, that this person knows how to take care of their body. I was recently out with a new friend with gorgeous skin and I had to ask her her age, because I really had no idea. Needless to say, I want to take better care of my skin so people won’t be able to guess my age. And I am not a proponent of fillers, surgery and fakeness for myself. So, I need to feed my skin better!

1. Hydration is key to youthful looking skin. Drink at least half of your body weight in water every day and even more if you sweat a lot. This alone can take years off of a dehydrated body. Try it with a teenager addicted to soda and sugary juices. Take them off for the crack for a week and load them with H2O and watch the boils disappear.

2. Foods like avocados, walnuts, olive oil, salmon, and coconut oil contain healthy fatty acids that provide stability to the membranes of your cells. Not enough of these essential fatty acids in your diet can lead to dry, saggy skin due to unstable membranes.

3. Use protection! Sunscreen is the condom for your skin. However, many sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that act as hormone disruptors which down the road, can cause many dis-ease in the body, including cancer. Check out my friend Tricia Trimble’s natural, holistic and healthy skincare line called Suntegrity. If you’re going to invest in any fancy skin creams, this is where to do it! Protect your skin from harmful UV rays and the harmful chemicals in most sunscreens. I love it!

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition has created a Free Guide to Glowing Skin just for you, and you can download it here!

The guide will give you more ways to feed your skin from the inside and out and how to make your DIY beauty kit. Make your own Brown Sugar Honey Scrub or Aloe Cucumber Mask to add to your beauty regimen.

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