Jennifer Quoted in Fitness Magazine

By October 2, 2012Fitness

This was super exciting! Take a look at my quote in Fitness Magazine on Having More Energy Every Day. For the entire article click here.

Star in a mental movie.

“Visualization is a great tool: I see myself at my healthiest, fittest, and strongest, doing different athletic endeavors. This motivates me to go the extra mile and skip the junk food,” says Jennifer Cassetta, a celebrity trainer and holistic nutritionist in Los Angeles. “Picturing yourself accomplishing something may create a neural pathway in your brain in almost the same way as actually com­pleting the feat would,” explains Kathleen Martin Ginis, PhD, a professor of health and exercise psychology at McMaster University in Canada. “It also gives you a burst of confidence that you can succeed, which makes you more likely to continue your training.” Use all five senses to make your internal blockbuster as realistic as possible: See the clock at the finish line, hear the roar of the crowd as you turn the final corner of the race, and feel your arms pumping as you stride across those last few yards.

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