You Can Prevent Cancer: Start Now!

How many times have you heard someone say that they are afraid of getting cancer because it runs in their family? As a health coach, nutritionist, and trainer, I have heard it way too much and it makes me cringe each time. Because someone in your family tree has been afflicted with some type of cancer is not a life sentence for you. Many types of cancer can be linked to years of unhealthy lifestyle choices and can be turned around by changing your diet and lifestyle.

A study from Cancer Research UK claims that more than one-third of cancer cases in the UK are caused by four common unhealthy habits that include:

– smoking
– unhealthy eating
– alcohol
– obesity

The study examined 14 risk factors: drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, not eating enough fruits and vegetables, not eating enough fiber, consuming red and processed meat, consuming lots of salt, being overweight or obese, not exercising, infections (such as HPV), sunlight exposure (including unnatural), radiation exposure, occupational exposure to chemicals, and for women: not breastfeeding, and undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

This is fantastic news and we should celebrate it! It’s never too late in life to develop healthier habits and reduce the toxins that you are exposed to. Hire a health coach to help you weed out the risk factors and increase your defense system. Contact me for a consultation if you are ready!


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