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By November 9, 2012Self Defense

Ok, this girl is funny. Josie, the founder of Yum Yucky blog, wrote the best review of Stilettos and Self Defense DVD I have yet to read. I had to post it here for my readers too. Here goes:

I FREAKING LOVE THIS DVD! Sorry to use the caps lock, but I’m trying to express myself. M’kay?

I’ve toyed with the idea of taking a self defense class. But first ya gotta find a class. Then you gotta shell out the cash to pay for it. And THEN you have take out the time to actually attend the class. Sheesh.

But now you can be that sexy girl who’s fashionable in heels, cute, and learns to kick ass in the comfort of her own home.

Whether you’re fending off a random perpetrator who wants to kidnap and potentially assault your sexy bawwdy, or perhaps strike back against a crazy female bitch who wants to take a cat fight to the fatal-injury level, or God forbid it’s some type of domestic violence situation… you need to defend yourself and kick ass when the kicking is required.

Either for yourself, or if you know a young girl, a gal in college, or any other chick that needs to stay safe and protected, you gotta put this one into your DVD library.

It’s brought to you by Jennifer Cassetta, a martial arts black belt and self defense guru. Jennifer was the victim of a street assault herself. In the DVD, her passion for self defense and empowering us women to protect ourselves is pretty dang evident. She’s a fabulous teacher.

Jennifer instructs 5 chicks in the DVD, all of whom are wearing heels. This helps to put a “real life” twist on how we might actually be fighting back in a physically violent situation. The DVD is very organic, meaning, not a lot of bells & whistles or fancy production, which isn’t needed anyway. There’s good information and getting straight to the point into the nitty gritty of why you’re viewing the DVD in the first place.

On a personally entertaining note: I very much like how Jennifer endorses the use of your stiletto-heel to smash into the ballz of your perpetrator. Ball-smashing is super entertaining.

So there ya have it. Recruit a friend and use them for target practice as you do the video. Aside from enhancing your own safety, Stilettos and Self Defense, Vol. 2 is also a must-have for gift gifting. My college-daughter-kid will be getting a copy for her own video library.

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  • Sanji says:

    perhaps it was bad word choice I’m saniyg in terms of combatives, survival type fighting this technique is not effective and puts a ton of strain on the shouder after you train it for a long period, the ear slap needs only be hard enough to force down a few pounds of air pressure to do the damage, with the force he’s using why not straighten and stiffen the arm so in the event you miss youre still crashing into him, or his guard. I’m just saniyg it makes too many presumptions.

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