How a Sexual Assault Helped Me Find My Life’s Purpose

By December 7, 2012Self Defense

Recently I published an article on the MindBodyGreen website entitled, How a Sexual Assault Helped Me Find My Life’s Purpose. I shared my story on how I got grabbed on an NYC street early on in my martial arts training. The story’s purpose was to heighten awareness around sexual assault and how often it occurs. I shared how I made mistakes that night because I was not practicing my awareness. Some women commented on the post and didn’t agree with the fact that I called myself “stupid” for not being aware. The reason I use this language was because I can. I was referring to myself, in this particular situation, on this night, as a martial artist who should have known better. I do not blame myself for a man grabbing my crotch on the street that night, but I do take responsibility for my actions. Read the article here, I hope it helps serve its purpose, to raise awareness.

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