30 Day Vitamix Challenge

By January 8, 2013Nutrition

VitamixIf you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you already know I have committed to a 30 Day Vitamix Challenge. I must use my nifty new blender, that has an engine like a Ferrari, for 30 consecutive days and tweet my creations daily. Why I am doing this, I haven’t yet said.

For one, I received this beautiful machine as a gift from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition because I am an ambassador for the school and have referred students to them. I would recommend that school to anyone interested in health and nutrition, with or without this sweet prize of a blender. Anywho, I want to put this bad boy to use.

Secondly, my logic is that if I commit to using the Vitamix at least once a day, then it gives me more of a reason to stay in and cook rather than eat out, which I have a tendency to do far to often. If I’m out less, I may have less glasses of wine per week, make better healthier choices, and know all of the ingredients that are going into my food.

Last and certainly not least, by making soups, smoothies and more everyday I am giving myself a chance to get in as many antioxidants, fiber, and supplements into my meals as possible. I can certainly use as much goodness as I can get after a 2 week vacation in Northern Ireland and London where the beer and potatoes were plentiful. I am adding things like chia seeds, flaxseed, chlorella, and green powder to help clean out my system after a lot of holiday clogging.

Many people are really into juicing these days to cleanse the body. However, I believe in eating clean as a way of life so you don’t have to go on a juice cleanse and screw with your blood sugar levels and metabolism. I do think there is room for juicing in a healthy balanced way, but going overboard doesn’t always give you the results you are most likely looking for. Enough said. Now get to blending!

And remember, you don’t need an expensive blender (even though I LOVE mine so much), to blend soups and smoothies galore. I lived with a $20 blender from Kmart for 7 years before my baby arrived in the mail. I’ll be posted my fave recipes here over the next few weeks. Just remember one thing: I hate measuring. So bare with me as I give instruction that may sound like, a handful of this or a splash of that.


  • Wanda says:

    I was making a green smoothie everyday. I have had my Vita-Mix about 7 year now. You have inspire me to do a challenge. Maybe I will star in Feb. I attempted a challenge in the past and did not stick wit it. Maybe this time I will.

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