Carrot Ginger Goodness

By January 11, 2013Recipes

photo-2On Day 5 of my 30 Days of Vitamix Challenge, I decided I needed something warm and soothing, versus the go-to breakfast smoothie. Since all of this talk about the worst flu ever going around, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and defend myself by building my immune system. Ginger just happens to be a great immune booster and even promotes healthy sweating, which is great to help fight off a cold. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties which is great for people that have arthritis and even helps the release of intestinal gas. Ahhhhh.

This recipe is vegan because I used light coconut milk instead of any dairy. The amount of ginger that you put in this soup is up to you. I LOVE ginger so I really went for it and boy did it give me a kick! I hope you love it and keep your immune system strong, safe and sexy!

1 pound bag of peeled organic baby carrots (because I’m too lazy to cut and peel)
3 cups of vegetable stock
1 cup of light coconut milk
1 tbsp of olive oil
4 cloves of garlic
1/4 tspn of cumin
A few dashes of curry powder
2-3 inches of peeled ginger root

In a medium pot, saute your chopped garlic in olive oil over medium heat. Once it starts to turn golden brown, add your carrots, veggie stock, coconut milk, ginger and spices. Bring all contents to a boil and then let simmer for 20 minutes. Pour all of the contents into your Vitamix blender (or other) or use a hand blender to puree all of the ingredients into a delicious and nutritious soup.

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