Red Carpet Cocktail Party Apps

By January 14, 2013Nutrition

imagesI tend not to care so much about who people are wearing but more so, what are we eating! And the award goes to…… Trader Joe’s. Anyone that has been to a dinner party of mine knows that I am obsessed with TJ’s. I love shopping there as it’s such a pleasant experience. The people that work there are always helpful and pleasant, I get a free food sample and a small shot of coffee and they have really fun and new foods that keep up with health trends. I digress….

It’s super simple to host a small cocktail party for the Golden Globes, upcoming Oscars or any other event, with some healthy-ish snacks and lovely wine without cooking! I do it all with a one-stop-shop at TJ’s. Here are a few of my favorite items to serve at a vegetarian cocktail party:

Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips: great to have for your gluten-free guests

Hummus Quartet: 4 flavors of a naturally low fat, high fiber snack: original, spicy, roasted garlic and tomato basil

Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip: because it is made with Greek yogurt it contains half the fat of traditional spinach dips

Organic baby carrots and celery sticks: healthy carbs to use as vehicles for your dips

A cheese plate: Choose a variety of hard and soft cheeses as they contain different amounts of fat, sodium and protein. Add some grapes to the plate for a healthier option and decoration, or course.

A big beautiful salad: Grab a big bunch of greens and as many chopped raw veggies as you’d like. I like to add either sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or some kind of nuts for additional healthy fats and a crunch. Dried cranberries are a fun burst of flavor too. I use extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and fresh squeezed lemons for the dressing.

And of course: WINE which Trader Joe’s actually has a great selection of reasonably priced reds, whites and rose’s, perfect for any budget and guest. It’s about 100 calories per serving and filled with antioxidants. Just be sure to sweat it out the next day.

There you have it. If you decide to serve dinner as well, choose a heavy protein dinner to balance out all of the carbohydrates from the appetizers. Perhaps a big baked wild salmon or even a fritatta or quiche would do the trick.

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