Mother Daughter Self Defense on Marie Osmond

By February 19, 2013Self Defense

1058-self-defense-productphoto-20On February 12th, Marie Osmond’s show called, Marie, aired a segment in which I was lucky enough to teach Marie and her daughter, Rachel, some self defense tips on the Hallmark Channel.

Empowering our young women to learn about safety is one of the most powerful things you can do for your daughter, or someone else’s daughter. College girls are four times more likely to be raped than at any other time in their life. 1 in 4 college girls will be the victim of a sexual assault! Can you imagine how many of our young women are living their life with these scars and these awful secrets?

In this episode, I began by teaching the ABC’s of self defense which are awareness, boundaries and communication. I then demonstrate some simple and effective techniques to survive an attack in a parking lot, garage, street or other surprise situation using your stiletto heels, keys and your body.

Marie and Rachel were great sports and such a lovely host!

If you would like to learn safety techniques with improvised weapons that can be found in your purse, like a key or pen, be sure to download a digital copy or purchase a hard copy DVD of Improvised Weapons, my third video in the Stilettos and Self Defense series. Each one, teach one. After learning one technique well, pass it on to another woman and let’s get stronger, safer and sexier together!

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