Being Fat Sucks

By April 26, 2013Fitness

tumblr_mlh5ys8fo31rcn2fco1_1280I’m so happy to be part of the new internet-based show called, Being Fat Sucks. At first, every time I told someone the name of the show I would cringe and wait for their response. Most people, no matter what their size, gave me a weird look and then a chuckle which then allowed me to relax. I try my best to be PC and as a health coach, nutritionist and personal trainer I used to denounce the F-word and never allow my clients to call themselves fat. (They can say F*$k all they like.)

Now, being part of this show, I am becoming a little de-sensitized to the word fat and whether we like to admit it or not, being fat does suck. It zaps your energy, it seriously increases your chances for Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer and it is not good for your self esteem.

For the next three months, follow these 4 contestants with me on their  journey from fat to fit. I will be providing nutritional guidance and health coaching to help them use the new F word to represent themselves. Fit, that is. Subscribe here!

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