Stilettos and Self Defense on The Doctors Show!

By July 28, 2013Self Defense, Videos

Check out my latest TV segment on The Doctors as I teach Dr. Lisa Masterson how to defend herself while wearing her sexiest pair of Louboutins!


  • Susan X says:

    Yes, yes YES! The “testicle squeeze” is proving to be an extremely effective self defense technique for women and girls of all ages. I’m so glad to see that you are teaching it to lots of other women.

    Just a couple of weeks ago a woman from Zimbabwe named Grace Mutingwende, aged 24, left a 23 year old man in excruciating pain and escaped to safety after she squeezed his testicles hard after he attacked her.

    After his arrest, the court heard that after she locked up the pub where she worked, Grace returned to her sleeping quarters. Her attacker followed her and entered her house without permission.

    Grace tried to force her attacker out of her room but he grabbed her and started fondling her breasts before tripping her to the ground.
    While she was on the floor, he pushed her skirt up and tried to remove her clothing.

    Taking advantage of his pre-occupation with her garments, She grabbed his testicles and squeezed, pulled and twisted them hard, refusing to let go of them, and forced him to abandon the attack. He lost all his power in a matter of seconds and couldn’t even get up to escape, never mind continue his attack. The police arrested him on the spot still groaning and writhing in agony, still holding on to his testicles, after she ran out to phone the police.

    This was not a one off – many other women have also resorted to this brilliant technique with great succcess in recent years.

    Keep on teaching moves like this Jennifer!

  • william says:

    Outstanding! absolutely a must. Great for all women to know and feel confident using. I have tried teaching this to my sisters and all GFs and any of their friends if they seemed interested. A true game changer.

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