Rise Bars: My New Favorite Bar

By August 12, 2013Nutrition, Product Review


Formerly Prana bars, the new and improved Rise Bars have won a place in my heart and my gym bag.These bars are as clean as they come with absolutely no processed soy, wheat, gluten, GMO’s or added sugars. Their protein bar has just a few ingredients unlike most on the market today that have at least 20 unpronounceable chemically-derived food-things.

I would avoid any protein bar that contains soy protein isolate. This ingredient although, sounds healthy, is not. When soy is processed and the protein is extracted in a chemical process, this isolate can act as a endocrine disruptor in the body. Simply said, they mess with our hormones and can lead to imbalances that throw our entire systems off.

There’s a wide variety of flavors and my favorites include anything that has coconut in it: coconut blueberry and coconut acai specifically.

Clients often ask me which nutrition bar they should choose and I’ve always said, the ones with the least amount of ingredients are best. Now, I can actually offer a specific recommendation. Rise Bars, nutritionist approved!

Find them at www.risebars.com.

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