Free Workout Alert: Get That Brazilian Booty!

By July 7, 2014Fitness

Vidergize Shoot

In honor of World Cup 2014 being played all over Brazil, I’m dedicating this post to the Brazilian booty. It’s round, plump and firm and desired by men and women around the world.

Booty shape can be partially determined by our genetic makeup so you can thank or blame your grandparents for your shape or lack-there-of. Or, you can take charge and plump and firm whatever shape you have and make the best of it! You may not go from pancake bum to Kardashian style but you can build lean muscle mass to tighten and tone not only your butt but your legs as well.

From a fitness perspective, strong glutes are important to form and function. As one of the largest muscle groups, the gluteal muscles include the gluteus maximus, medius, minimus and the tensor fascia latae. All together, your butt does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to function. Keep your bum strong and you’ll decrease your risk of injury while training in any sport.

Therefore, to me, the shape of my butt is way less important than how strong it is. Yup, I want a rock hard booty so I can lift heavy shit. And when it’s filled with muscle, it’s harder to see cellulite (BONUS!).

For you, I’ve created a Booty Burn fitness video offered exclusively on Vidergize, a new workout-from-home platform, that does not require a subscription. It works on a pay-per-play model and you can try my Booty Burn video for FREE by using code TRYVIDERGIZE.

It’s 25 minutes of booty shaping that I recommend doing twice a week to build, lift and mask that pesky cellulite!

Burn baby burn!

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