My Diet is Better Than Yours: Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

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Have you been watching My Diet is Better Than Yours on ABC at 9pm/8pm CST? Here’s my recap for episodes 3 & 4 with a little behind the scenes info.

I may be a bit biased but I really do love this show and its concept. On episodes one and two you meet 5 contestants, each with their own expert. Each expert has their own weight loss theories and plan that they put to test on their contestants. Like other weight loss shows, there is a weekly weigh-in. Unlike other weight loss shows, these contestants are not whisked away to some ranch, but are in their own homes and in their real life.

At the end of Week 2, Taj Robinson sent her expert, Jovanka Ciares home, and that’s where I come in…

Jovanka was sent home on a Sunday night and I got a call saying I would start working with Taj on Monday morning. It happened that fast!

The first week was a whirlwind as Taj and I worked together every day as I introduced her to my Strong Safe & Sexy plan.At first, Taj seemed a bit skeptical of me. It was important that I earned her trust during the first few days because their needs to be a bond if we were going to work together and get results. She has to trust that I’m an expert at what I do and that I have her best interests at heart. IMG_0511


We hit the gym for HIIT training with weights and we found an awesome dojo called Power Up Martial Arts in Atlanta to start training at.

Taj worked her a*s off and was torching calories every day.

We also got busy in the kitchen.IMG_0480

Every morning, Taj started off with a green smoothie made with Vega plant-based protein powder, greens, hemp milk and seeds. Looking for smoothie recipes? Here’s my 5 Favorite Smoothie Recipes free for you to download.

We also made these delicious, protein-packed and gluten free Egg Muffins, so she can pack them and bring them to work or wherever she had to go.






We did lots of food prep. We roasted some of her favorite veggies like zucchini and sweet potatoes in big batches and then portioned them out so her meals were ready to go.

All she would have to do at dinner is bake a piece of fish on her new pescatarian and gluten-free diet.




IMG_0418At the end of our first week, Taj lost 4 pounds at the weigh in on the Strong Safe & Sexy plan. She was super happy and I was so proud. That’s 4 pounds of real weight lost, not just water weight, that is easily lost on the first week of any major diet and fitness program. She earned that 4 pounds!

During the second week, Taj kept up her intensity and we continued to work out at both the dojo and the gym. And by the way, she just happened to WIN the challenge and outlasted all of the contestants during the last exercise of their circuit (holding a weighted ball over their heads until everyone dropped it except her!).

At the end of week 2, Taj lost 3 pounds at the weight in. 7 pounds in 2 weeks is an excellent accomplishment and typical for someone starting out on the Strong Safe & Sexy meal plan and workouts!

Have questions? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

And remember to tune in this Thursday, January 21st at 9pm/8pm CST to ABC to watch the next two episodes of My Diet is Better Than Yours. LaTasha’s getting a new trainer!!!



  • J says:

    You are a great motivator

  • Marcia says:

    I thought you handled a temperamental client with great empathy and poise, and hope you have an opportunity to showcase your plan and talents with a more motivated contestant in a future season. I stopped in here today to locate the egg muffin recipe featured on the show. I can’t wait to try it! Best wishes

  • Stephanie says:

    I loved your plan and thought you were great. Thank you for being so inspiring!

  • Helena says:

    I only just started watching the show. Taj really was getting in her own way and you handled it professionally every time. You were only wanting to help her and she treated you horribly. Thank you so much for inspiring us to live healthy and happy.

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