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IMG_1517Workout from home with me, Jennifer Cassetta, to achieve a strong, safe & sexy body all year round! My easy-to-follow format allows for all fitness levels to follow along. 

There’s 5 complete workouts which means, you won’t get bored! You will sweat with me to: 

– Kickboxing Workout 1
– Kickboxing Workout 2
– Core Workout
– Booty Burn

Here’s some more info:

Kickboxing 1:
A beginner to intermediate cardio kickboxing workout that is 38 minutes in length. I’ll teach you the move, then we’ll go for it so heart rate starts to rise and calorie burning sets in. You’ll learn the basic punches and kicks and you’ll work up a nice sweat. The combinations are not too difficult so even someone without any kickboxing experience can do this workout!

Kickboxing 2:
Get ready to sweat! This is an intermediate level kickboxing workout and the combinations begin to add on from the Kickboxing 1 workout. The intensity rises and so does your metabolism in just under 40 minutes. You don’t need any equipment and you just need a small amount of space in your living, bedroom or even hotel room.

Core Workout:
This 20 minute core workout will help you strengthen and tone your most important muscles for stability, strength and a flat tummy! This workout can be incorporated into your weekly routine as much as you’d like but I recommend doing it at least twice a week for great results.

Booty Burn:
In 25 minutes, get your booty workout on! This is a completely lower body workout to tighten your glutes, quads and hamstrings for shapely legs and booty. No weights required!

During the Strong Safe & Sexy High Intensity Interval Workout , I’ll lead you through a series of strength exercises at a rapid pace for one minute each and then have a complete rest before starting the circuit again. I recommend using weights for this workout. Depending on your fitness level, you can start with 5 pound weights or up to 10 pound weights. Feel it out and see how you can best challenge yourself. This is tough one, so modify if you have to. It’s 25 minutes of intensity and you’ll be burning calories well after you’ve finished.

Get ready to burn fat and build lean muscle mass so you will be burning more calories while you sleep. 

So, grab a towel and some water and let’s start now! 

*After purchasing, you will receive an email with a link to download these 5 workouts and have them forever.  I’m not going anywhere! They will work on your laptop, not on your phone.

If for some reason you do not get that automated email immediately, please email me at

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