Holiday Survival Guide

HealthyHolidaysThe holiday season has officially started, even though retail tries to make us believe it back before Halloween! It can be such a joyous time of year if you have the tools to manage your stress levels, be mindful, continue your fitness routine and of course, eat healthy too, right?

If all of that sounds overwhelming to you, I have found that if I keep it simple, the holidays can actually be quite enjoyable and I can maintain my weight and fitness levels while still being able to indulge here and there. So, following the K.I.S.S. principle, here are four ways to keep it simple and stay on track over the next few weeks and step into 2014 feeling fantastic:

1. Stay away from refined sugar.

It’s in practically all processed, packaged and baked goodies but it wreaks havoc on our bodies and even our minds. Think of sugar like heroin. The more you have it, the more you will want it. A little dramatic, I know, but true. Sugar is addictive and it leaves us down in the dumps after indulging in it, which only makes us cranky, tired, depressed and wanting more. Limiting your refined sugar this season will be great for your attitude, energy, skin and your waistline. Use natural sources of sweetness like honey, coconut sugar and maple syrup in moderation.

Download this free e-Book by Lorna Jane called, Move Over Sugar! Here you will find awesome recipes that are gluten free, refined sugar free and delicious. From smoothies, to banana pancakes, to pumpkin coconut soup, every recipe is chock full of nutrients and healthy fats to keep your blood sugar stable and hunger at bay.

2. Make your own desserts.

Like I said, most baked goodies are loaded with sugar, but even worse is most store-bought baked goods (think cake, cookies, cupcakes). In order for these “treats” to stay on the shelf as long as possible without spoiling, food manufacturers use h

3. Sit for all of your meals.
eart-stopping trans fats instead of healthy oils we can use at home like coconut oil. If you’re at a loss of where to find wholesome and delicious dessert recipes, go back to my first tip and download Move Over Sugar EBook. They’re in there!

Holiday snacks are lurking all around. The office candy dish, your mother’s kitchen, and even being given away at my dearest grocery store, Trader Joe’s. It’s very tempting to grab and taste but remember that all of those bites add up at the end of the day. Eating while seated brings mindfulness to what you’re consuming. Make time for your meals, sit and enjoy them. Leave the mindless snacking in 2013.

4. Create a #HolidayFitList.

Instead of getting another black sweater this year from your loved ones, ask for gifts that will keep you motivated towards reaching your fitness goals. You can also think of it like a well deserved reward for treating your body so well during this season and throughout 2013. My personal favorite fitness gear lately comes from the Lorna Jane Active collection.

Every woman needs a sturdy and bright colored sports bra, like the Imogen Bra, to keep you feeling super s


exy even during high impact workouts. I like to layer a tank top over it, so the color peaks through.

Another staple every fit girl needs is a pair of black running tights, even if you don’t run. You can do anything in these from yoga to kickboxing and where them straight to lunch afterward. My favorite are the Lorna Jane Trophy full length tight, so my ankles don’t get cold in the winter time.

Last but not least, a warm-up jacket is sure to keep you stylish and motivated to get your arse to the gym, even when it’s dark and cold outside. The Lorna Jane Influence Excel Zip Through (what I’m wearing in the picture below) is the newest in my collection of fitness faves. You can sweat in it or simply use it to keep you warm. The material is super heavy duty and will last you for years to come.

If clothes is not your thing, think of great fitness accessories like an activity tracker, hydration pack for long distance running or hiking, a running beanie, running gloves, or a really cool gym bag.

Remember that giving is more important than getting, so see if you can also help encourage your loved one to a longer, fitter, happier and healthier life!

5. Sweat everyday.

Last but not least, break a sweat everyday. Even if your workouts need to be shortened, doing 20 minutes of exercise is better than nothing. Sweating will help the body to process and remove waste and keep your mood elevated. Get your workouts done in the morning, even before you leave the house if you’re not up for the gym. No excuses. Again, you will enter 2014 as a champion instead of having to start over from scratch!

Cheers and enjoy your holiday season!