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Paleta foodPaleta is the hottest meal delivery service in Los Angeles that caters to celebrities like Jessica Biel, Brooke Burke and Guiliana Rancic, to name just a few. My personal experience with Paleta and it’s farm to table fresh food service is that I was lucky enough to eat it for 60 days in a row while managing a test group for Beachbody.

Everyone in the group ate 3 fresh meals per day, including me, and of course, worked out. The results were fantastic for the group in terms of weight loss. For me personally, I did slim down a bit but I also enjoyed the food for more reasons than that. First of all, it was amazing to have fresh food prepared for you. Many of clients’ biggest excuses for not eating healthy is that they don’t have time to prepare meals. No excuse here.

Second, I knew that I was eating farm to table food every day and my food was not packaged, sent from the other side of the world, and therefore is picked fresh and carries a smaller carbon footprint. Good karma!

Third, the portion control is perfect! Every meal is portioned according to your caloric needs. You can choose from different food plans based on total daily calories. You can also personalize your meals to be gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy free. I knew I was eating the perfect amount of food and on days that I worked out extra hard, I felt comfortable adding my own snacks or indulging in a glass of wine or dessert without feeling any guilt!

I’ve also tried Paleta cold pressed juices and cleanse programs that I will review in separate blogs, but feel free to ask me any questions through my Contact Page!

Paleta is a food delivery system that allows you to customize your meals to your specific dietary goals and schedule. No matter what your age or health goals, Paleta aims to equip you with the fuel necessary to lead a healthier life!

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