Last Minute Gifts for the Fit Girl

photo-45There’s only days left until Christmas, but if you’re a last minute shopper like me, here are some of the best fitness-related products that I have received or bought this year that have been coming with my around the world!

1. Hydration Packs: Is your gal a long distance runner or hiker? I never thought I needed one of these until I started going on really long hikes and runs (like over 6 miles). They are especially useful in the hot weather. Check out these hydration packs from Nathan (shown).

2. Lorna Jane Sports Bra: If she’s like me, she hates spending money on bras. But, I absolutely LOVE receiving a colorful and fully supportive one from Lorna Jane. My fave is the Imogen in nice bright colors to wear under tank tops.

3. Yoga Mat: I used to go cheap and buy yoga mats at discount department stores. After the 5th one, I realized that if I invested in a good one, I wouldn’t have to keep buying new ones. That’s when I discovered Manduka (and spying the fancy ladies next to me at Yogahop in Santa Monica). These mats can cost you $100 (or more, but I would not spend more than that on a mat), but they will last for YEARS! And they come in pretty colors of course. Even non-Yogi’s like a nice yoga mat for stretching at home or doing a plyo workout on a wooden floor to cushion the landing.

4. Roxy Leggings: I was a bit skeptical at first, because I only knew Roxy as a surfer girl brand (not that that’s a bad thing), but when I tried their new line of fitness gear, I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, their Standard Running Tights totally kick ass! They look great, hold me in, and keep me warm in the winter. I’m in love!

5. Handheld Water Bottles: These bad boys have been literally all around the world with me while I train clients in Africa, Europe and even the Middle East. They also don’t leave my side when I’m working out in LA. It fits right into my hand and has a pocket for my iPhone, so that’s all I have to carry. And if you’re into an eco-friendly lifestyle, you will save hundreds of pounds of plastic by not buying disposable water bottles. Great environment karma! This Nathan handheld is my personal favorite (sold on Amazon and other specialty running retailers). At around $20, this is the least expensive item on the list!

6.  Oakley sunglasses: These are a gift from the fitness Gods! I’ve never owned a sporty pair of sunglasses that fit my face and won’t slide off my nose when I start to sweat until now. I love the Pulse glasses because they can accompany me on the streets while shopping or out to brunch as well as on a long hike.

7. Nike Free Sneakers: You cannot go wrong here. With tons of color ways to choose from this sneaker can match every fit girl’s wardrobe. I love these sneakers for cross-training, kickboxing and walking about town. I just don’t run in them (not enough support for me).

8. Vitamix Blender: And for the grand finale, if you want to spoil her and can afford to, this blender is an absolute #gamechanger! I love my Vitamix more than any appliance I’ve ever had and because of it’s long warranty, it will probably outlive the rest of them. Yes, the price tag is steep (around $500), but it is an investment in health. Because of my Vitamix I drink power-packed smoothies for breakfast, cook more home made soups and even bake more than I ever did. If I could, I would marry it.  For free shipping, click on the banner on the lower right hand side of my blog page.  Vitamix