How to Stay Healthy When You Travel to Decadent Cities

photo-46I have been on the road this past year more than ever before in my life and I love it! But as a nutritionist and trainer, I have to make sure that I stay fit even in the most decadent cities like Paris, St. Moritz, New York and Florence. I’ve never believed in abstinence. I drink good wine, ate Swiss chocolate, cheese and baguette in Paris, and pizza in New York.

At home in Los Angeles, it’s easy to stay healthy by having a routine set up. Healthy smoothies in the morning, hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, etc. But when traveling with a client from city to city, I have to be creative and do my research. Here are my tips for the avid traveler who wants to enjoy the wine, cheese and chocolate from all over the world and not blow their fitness routine.

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