Make One Healthy Change in Your Diet for 2014


Most of us can identify with one of these four nutritional archetypes. And just one of these habits may be the reason we haven’t hit our goals in the past. Make 2014 the year to make just one dietary change to make you a healthier, happier and fitter you!

Weekend Splurger: Can Friday not come soon enough? Do you like to indulge in yummy cocktails and wind up eating craving a big greasy brunch in the morning?

Solution: It’s ok to let your hair down. Just don’t skip your weekend workouts and start your Saturday and Sunday off with a delicious VegaOne smoothie. I like to add extra greens (kale or chlorella) to help alkalize my body after an acid-forming night out.

Number Cruncher: Do you track everything you eat and drink on an app and wonder why you still can’t lose weight? Calories in don’t always equal calories out. Food contains information and if you’re eating lots of low fat, high sugar foods your body still won’t get the right message.

Solution: Enjoy a nutritionally dense VegaOne smoothie every day complete with 15g of protein, probiotics and digestive enzymes to boot! Give your body what it really needs, not low-fat, high carb snacks.

Serial Snacker: Are you constantly hungry and find yourself dipping into the office candy bowl around 3pm or going out for a Starbucks coffee to pick yourself out of a post-lunch slump?

Solution: Perhaps due to an active workout schedule or an unbalanced high carb diet, you need extra snacks in your day. Grab a VegaOne Bar with just the right amount of plant-based protein to help balance your blood sugar.

Breakfast Skipper: Do you say you don’t have time to make yourself a healthy breakfast?

Solution: Add one scoop of VegaOne smoothie powder to one cup of almond or coconut milk in a shaker cup and head out the door. It’s really that simple. If you have 3 extra minutes, add 1/2 banana, some ice and flax or chia seeds to your concoction and blend it in a blender for a more complete breakfast. Easy peasy, and you’ve just set yourself up for success!

So friends, what #OneChange will you make in 2014? Tell me below…