Fix Your Blood Sugar and Don’t Be a Mean Valentine

mean valentine

Do you find yourself grumbling at co-workers, barking at your mate, or in the middle of a road rage attack? Did you ever stop to think maybe you’re not really a bitch, but maybe your blood sugar levels are the culprit?

Nothing affects your mood more than what you put in your mouth. Food can be the best medicine and the worst poison for your brain and what comes out of your mouth. The brain depends on blood sugar for all of its energy and if you are not providing it enough fuel regularly or junk fuel it will not function properly.

A meal high in sugar and refined foods raises the hormone insulin which raises blood glucose and gives you a shot of energy.


What are highly refined/processed foods you ask? Simply put: JUNK FOOD. These foods are not really made from food but rather from chemically altered substances like hydrogenated fats and cheap, low quality sugars like high fructose corn syrup.nergy plummets as quickly as it soars, leaving you cranky and lethargic, ready to snap at the slightest irk.

Using common sense it is easy to discern a fake, processed food from real food. Does it come in a bright colored plastic package? Is the list of ingredients sound more like a chemistry experiment than a recipe? Is it a fluorescent color? Do you feel compelled to eat the whole package in one sitting? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, chances are you are face to face with a mood-killing food that will spike and plummet your blood sugar and leave you mean, nasty or depressed, looking for your next victim to lash out on.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day whether you’re single or an item. If you have a hot date, a stay-at-home with your sweetie night, or a girls/guys night out, keep your blood sugar even-Steven, keeping you sweet, sexy and attractive these following blood sugar regulating tips:

–       Eating every 4 hours

–       Skip the candy hearts and avoid refined sugar and highly processed junk foods

–       Eat clean protein and healthy fats at every meal (think avocado, nuts, coconut oil, eggs, fish, or lean meats)

–       Carry a piece of fruit or some raw nuts with you when you are having a long stretch of time without eating

–       Eat real sweet foods when you have a craving like fruit, sweet potatoes, roasted root vegetables (carrots), pumpkin, and dark chocolate for dessert.

Enjoy and Be Sweet 🙂