Teen Girl Empowerment Day Recap

photo 2Wow! That is the impact of that Teen Empowerment Day had on me as a teacher. I can’t begin to imagine what it was like for the 35 teenage girls who attended this event in La Crescenta, a suburb east of Los Angeles.

The day started with check ins and a quick greeting but we got right into it with my Stilettos and Self Defense Express class by 10:30am! In 30 minutes I was able to jam pack in the ABC’s of Self Defense; awareness, boundaries, and communication. The girls had to stand up and practice posture and using their voices to empower themselves and exude confidence, fierceness and strength! They even shouted at each other and role played a potential attack and defense.

Afterward, we covered all of the weapons that we naturally have on our body and the 3 most effective targets on the male body, namely the eyes, throat and groin. I taught the girls how to use their body weapons against an attacker

photo 4

and they practiced. We reviewed everything that was taught and I used a Q and A method to be able to hand out prizes of Fabletics headbands, Fabletics water bottles and Stilettos and Self Defense DVDs. These 35 girls went from sheep to tigers in just 30 minutes!

In addition to self defense, the girls also got to create vision boards, I AM affirmations, pick out prom dresses, go

t fashion tips and even got their makeup done by a professional makeup artist extraordinaire. Brandi Milloy, Popsugar TV host, hosted the entire event and organized it along with a little help from her friends.

Thank you Fabletics for the awesome swag to giveaway and help the girls remember

photo 1

what they learned about personal safety and self defense!