Traveling Health Coach in Rio de Janeiro


As Brazil is exploding with World Cup 2014 madness, I’m in LA reminiscing on my trip to Brazil this past February. I spent 8 glorious days in Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo as a traveling health coach for my client. Therefore, my job is to find the healthiest spots wherever I go. Here’s some tips for the health and fitness enthusiast that’s touring Rio, watching futbol, and wants to stay fit in between the matches!

My client and I power walked about 30 miles in four days while in Rio. We walked all of Copacabana beach and through Ipanema beach, which all connects. Mountains are in view while you’re walking on pavement next to gorgeous white sandy beaches. There’s a fun and healthy energy with tons of people walking, jogging, running and working out on the sand too.

The secret is out! I saw how Brazilian women work on those beautiful booties of theirs. There were women on the beach doing squats in their thongs and training in beach volleyball doing springs. Hell yes! Hard work certainly pays off in Rio.

Load up on fresh fruit like watermelon, papaya, passionfruit, kiwi, mango, dragon fruit, and melon. Most hotels will have it at their breakfast buffets like this one. At lunch and dinner I ate mainly grilled fish straight from the ocean, grilled hearts of palm, and veggies. Keep it clean and save room for cocktail hour 🙂


So, while in Rio, whether you have a game to watch or a business meeting, start the day off with a jog by the ocean and follow it by a fresh coconut water that you can buy from the local vendors on the beach.  You’ll need it after a night of caipirinhas. I had two caipirinhas one night and I was BOMBED! Those bad boys are strong, so be careful.

I would also recommend to go visit Christ the Redeemer. The views are breathtaking and if you are a believer, there’s a special

energy up there. I felt it. You can also grab an acai superfood smoothie at the outdoor cafe up there. Filled with antioxidants, acai is another healthy treat you can find in cafes as well as home here in the frozen section of Whole Foods. YUM.


One last piece of advice before you head off, coming from a personal safety expert, I do want you to be super alert wherever you are. There’s lots of talk about safety concerns for tourists, mostly muggings, around Rio and Sao Paulo. Keep your head up, your smartphones concealed, and don’t get too drunk that you don’t know which way is up. Wait until you get back to your hotel for that 🙂 #SafeIsSmart

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What’s your favorite healthy tip while visiting Rio de Janeiro?