Traveling Health Coach in São Paulo


Coffe, cod and caipirinhas (in that order).

Did I forget futbol? Of course, as the World Cup rages on I’m still wishing I can go back. But for now, I’ll just share my tips as a traveling health coach to Brazil.

São Paulo is a sprawling city with over 19 million people living there and I have to be honest, I didn’t cover too much ground when I was there for 3 days. I stayed in the uber cool Fasano Hotel and stayed close by.


Eating healthy in São Paulo isn’t hard if you stick to the local seafood restaurants and there are plenty to choose from. No churrascaria for me! But if you do eat meat I can guess you’ll be getting grass fed beef here.


My favorite, splurge worthy restaurant is Figueira Rubaiyat for two reasons: the best seafood paella and the gorgeous fig tree that grows through the middle of it. A Bela Sintra is an upscale Portugese restaurant with a plethora of cod fish dishes that are a must try!

After a night out on the town, you will need a cafe in the morning. Head to The Coffee Lab, by world famous barista Isabela Raposeiras, for the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had! The baristas are sweet and wear cool hipster outfits. CoffeeLab

The totally worth it splurge to accompany your pingado (mini latte)  is the Contessa coconut cake. It’s the BOMB! But, gluten free (made mostly with tapioca and coconut) so it doesn’t feel like a bomb in your tummy.



While you’re in the area, take a stroll down to Batman Alley to see a vibrant display of street art; an entire alley grafittied with gorgeous colors and scenes. Que legal (that’s cool in Portugese).



Working out can be a little tricky. Think big city (no beaches), so your hotel will probably have a gym but if you want to get outdoors then head to Parque do Ibirapuera, which is basically the Central Park of Saõ Paulo. It’s a breath of fresh air in a bustling city and you do get a taste of the jungle by seeing the most magnificent trees ever. Jog the outer loop and cover about 3

miles. There are plenty of other fitness enthusiasts working out with you, so you’re safe during daylight. Again, keep your head up, smart phones concealed and alert always!


Grab a caipirinha as your day unwinds at the Baretto inside the Fasano Hotel, voted one of the world’s best bars. This is a late city so it was tough for me to stay up late enough (Old Lady Syndrome) but if you can, you’ll be treated to live music by sweet and sultry samba artists. Wake up, coffee, cod, repeat.


What are your favorite things to do in São Paulo?

PS- Special thanks to Dona Jo Fitwear for the hot jungle vibe leggings!