Free Strong Core Fitness Video

photo 3 Good news! Now, you can workout with me for FREE every day of the week if you wanted to 🙂

My Strong Core video is now available gratis from Vidergize to you!


I know bathing suit season is almost over but it’s never too late to work on your abs and lower back. Here are 3 good reasons to start now:


1. With a strong core you are less prone to lower back pain and injury now as well as later in life.

2. With a strong core you can lift, workout, play golf, tennis, soccer, run, cycle, swim, do martial arts, lift your babies, carry a baby in your belly,

3. Let’s face it, a stronger core just looks damn good! Nobody complains about having a flatter stomach. A strong core means your pelvic floor muscles, obliques, rectus abdominus, erector spinae, and your transverse abdominus are working well, keeping your posture upright and your stomach sexy.

Tone your entire core in just 20 minutes a day from home on This workout video combines moves from yoga and martial arts and is NOT your typical ab video!

I recommend doing this fitness video at least 4 times per week, taking a rest day in between each day. photo 1

Here is my STRONG CORE video!