Self Confidence and Safety with Jenny McCarthy

IMG_8294This week Jenny McCarthy had me as a guest on her Sirius XM talk show, Dirty Sexy Funny to talk all things Hear Me Roar! It was a blast! And we got to talk about some serious topics. Jenny shared about how her sister, who was the victim of domestic violence and how Jenny begged her to leave. Heavy stuff.

We talked about how lack of self confidence and self worth can lead us to be addicted to emotionally or physically abusive relationships. We even talked about nutrition and food and how feeding yourself well is a form of self worth. I also found out that Jenny is gluten-free.

Then we went through some safety scenarios for all women and I gave some self defense tips.

Jenny is a great host and I can’t wait to go back!

If you have a Sirius XM subscription you can find the interview repeating this weekend here.