Bike Safety Tips for National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, who knew? I’m happy about it for so many reasons, but mainly because I have a new found love of biking around Santa Monica, Venice, and down to Hermosa Beach. Watch my video to find out all of my safety tips and products I use to keep safe while out on the bikes having fun!

Ok, well if you didn’t watch it, here’s 5 Bike Safety Tips for National  Bike Month:

Ever since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve been biking more than ever before. I love it so much that I wonder how it took me so many years to get back on a bike.

Replacing my car with my bike for errands and to meet friends out for dinner and drinks has saved me miles on my car, dollars at the gas pump, and potential DUI’s all while burning hundreds of calories per trip.

A few things I did have to learn about were safety. So, in honor of National Bike Month I’m here to pass on the bike safety tips I’ve learned:

1. Lights!

While biking at dusk and at night it is imperative that other drivers can see you. You must make yourself as obnoxiously bright and blinky as possible. I clip on these Strobe lights to my clothes, one in the front and one on my back. Then I slide this cuff light onto my arm and I keep a red blinking light on my back wheel and a bright flashing light on my bike facing forward.

I see so many peeps out there at night with no lights and it’s a sure fire way to increase your chances of getting hit by a car.

2. Runner’s pepper spray

One disadvantage you have on a bike versus a car is that your body is not protected by a huge metal and glass object, which may leave you vulnerable to an attack. If you are riding through a shady or unsafe neighborhood, keep your runner’s pepper spray handy. Chances are you’ll be able to bike faster than someone on foot, so pedal swiftly and try not to stop often.

3. Hydrate

Always carry a water bottle with you. Unlike driving, your body is burning fuel like a furnace and sweat is the way our body keeps us cool. Therefore, you need to constantly be replacing the water you’re losing in order to keep your muscles from cramping up and running out of gas.

4. Bike locks

I know very few people that live in Los Angeles that have not had a bike stolen from them. A strong bike lock is not the thing to scrimp on. Invest in a good bike lock like this one from Kryptonite to reduce bike theft.

5. Protect your noggin.

In martial arts we have a saying; your face is the most expensive thing to fix. Always keep your hands up while fighting and learn how to break your fall. When biking, keep your head and face safer from injury by wearing a helmet. I’ll totally admit that it’s my least favorite thing to wear but most likely the most important.

Stay safe!

– Jenn