Why I Stopped Eating Meat and Started a Plant Based Diet

It feels like eons ago, but it only started about 15 years ago that I made the move from an omnivore to a plant based eater. Watch the video for the whole story and my Aha moment that solidified my decision while sitting in a lecture at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition back in 2005.

As a nutritionist, my intention is never to persuade clients to radically change their views on whether they want to eat meat or not. I just help them do their own diet in the most healthy way as possible.

However, in general, this country eats an obscene amount of factory farmed animals (cows, chickens, pigs, etc.) and we are paying the price for it in disease and medical bills.

So maybe, just maybe, a few people out there who watch this video may be inspired to cut back on meat. And together we can make a difference in the amount of heart disease caused by inflammation, polluted rivers and lakes from factory farmed and the amount of growth hormones and antibiotics we all consume.

Want to lead a more plant based lifestyle? Let me know if you’re in.

And if you want more help I have created a 21 Day Strong, Safe & Sexy Vegan meal plan that includes shopping lists, recipes and calendars for 3 whole weeks of meals.