5 Questions to Find Your Mission

I decided to take a break from our regularly scheduled fitness and nutrition tips content to make a short video called, I believe.

I recently had to go through an exercise at a Brendon Burchard seminar that led me to create this mission statement video. It was really inspiring to be able to narrow what is important to me in my life and for my career and say it all in just 90 seconds.

I wanted to share my own version of this exercise with you because I do believe that many of us forget what is really important to us. We are too busy getting sucked into social media, keeping up with our inboxes and checking items off our to do lists. When our lives no longer align with our mission or purpose, it can be very stressful. Chronic stress, if not dealt with properly, can be as unhealthy for us as eating a junk food diet and being a couch potato.

If you are into it, take out a journal or piece of paper and write down the following questions. Then take a few minutes to breathe and relax and see where your heart and head take you…

1. What do I really care about?

2. What is something that I am really good at? When i do _____________ it just flows.

3. My heart breaks when I see/hear this _________________________.

4. I believe all people should do/should have/should be ____________________.

5. If money and time were no obstacle what would I spend my days doing?

Did that help bring any clarity? I hope so.

The reason why I think it’s so important to have a mission statement is because once we are clear about the things we truly care about and what we want to accomplish in this world, we can then start to make room for those things and clear out some of the unnecessary gunk in our daily lives. Also, once you are clear on what you are setting out to do or be, it is most likely important to keep working on your health so you can accomplish your mission.

I’d love to hear from you! What are some awesome things you wrote down in your answers? What’s your mission?

For a little inspiration, here’s my video with my 90 second “I Believe” video. Enjoy!