3 Exercises to a Strong & Sexy Core

I can’t stress enough to all my clients how important core strength is. Without it, you are more prone to injury during any kind of fitness training or everyday functional movements. Without it, your posture slumps and your belly protrudes.

What exactly is the core? It’s the inner most muscle of the abdomen that wraps around your lower spine like a girdle and is called the transverse abdominis or TVA for short. But when referring to the core, most trainers mean all of the muscles that make up the abdomen including all of your abs, obliques and lower back muscles.

A strong core not only protects your body from lower back injuries and pain but also immediately helps improve your posture. Great posture exudes confidence and you will be the sexiest person in the room!

My latest Youtube video will show you 3 Exercises to a Strong & Sexy Core that you can do from your living room floor. Do these moves everyday with me for a month and see how your body transforms!

If you want more…. I have a FREE 20 minute Core Workout video for you to watch as many times as you’d like! Just go to this page and scroll down to the Strong Safe & Sexy Core Workout and hit preview! It’s on me. But I want to hear your results! So let me know 🙂