Can Going Gluten Free Help You Lose Weight?

The short answer is: yes.

There are two major reasons why going gluten-free can help you lose weight which you’ll hear me speak about in the video below.

Personally, my nutrition philosophy is what I like to call, gluten light. For the most part I eat a gluten free diet, but, once in a while if I crave a really good slice of pizza or great bowl of pasta, I will eat it. However, I know that my body prefers to go without it. I had to eliminate it entirely every few weeks to remember how good it feels when I don’t have it. My body gets slightly leaner, I have less bloating in my stomach and less gas (yup i went there). If you struggle with any of those issues or anything worse like stomach pains, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or even arthritis, I encourage you to try giving up gluten and the foods that contain them for a period of 3 weeks. That’s about how long it takes for the body to recover from any foods that aggravate it.

If you’re interested in trying a gluten free diet and would like some help, I’ve created the Strong, Safe & Sexy 21 Day Gluten Free Meal Plan. There are 3 weeks of recipes, shopping lists and even a suggested calendar of meals. I’ve made sure there is plenty of clean and lean protein and little sugar. You can play with portion size according to your caloric needs and fitness goals.

Enjoy! And leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to suggest future topics for my weekly Youtube videos.