My #1 Fat Burning Tip

My #1 fat burning tip doesn’t come in a magic pill, it doesn’t involve a juice fast, or even calorie restriction. My #1 fat burning tip is including some form of HIIT training into your fitness routine.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and can be included into your current workout routine in many different ways. In my latest Youtube video, I will share a few of those ways to get your heart rate up towards your max for high intensity intervals.

The benefit of HIIT is to maximize calorie burn during a workout as well as to continue calorie burn for hours after a workout.

For clients who have hit a plateau in their weight loss, introducing interval training into their steady workouts will blast them out of their comfort zones quickly and jumpstart their metabolism for quicker fat loss. In the video below, I will give you a few easy ways to incorporate HIIT training into your current fitness routine to maximize your results.

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