Strong Safe & Sexy 5 Minute HIIT Home Workout

Too cold to make it to the gym today? Or maybe you just can’t find the time. During the holiday season, time can be a very valuable commodity with many things clamoring for your attention: work, family, friends, errands, shopping, wrapping, cooking and parties. Balance can be challenging. That’s why I created this Strong Safe & Sexy 5 minute HIIT Home Workout. Just in case, HIIT stands for high intensity interval training which is a proven way to burn calories and fat when you are pressed for time.

In just 5 minutes you can get your heart rate high and burn up to 80-100 calories (depending on your weight and fitness level). If you want to continue, take a 1 minute rest and then repeat the series again. Or, what I prefer to do, repeat the series at different points in your day. Complete the series in the morning, before lunch, after lunch and before dinner for 20 full minutes of HIIT training. Not to mention that these exercises are great to build core strength and lower body strength. If you are a skier or snowboarder, this is a great workout to keep you fit through snow season.

Another bonus: when you split up your workout throughout the day you don’t need to shower each time!

Make sure you make modifications if your body needs them.

Be strong, be safe and be sexy!