The Strong Safe & Sexy Plan on My Diet is Better Than Yours!

Hi All!

On Thursday, January 14th my Strong Safe & Sexy plan was introduced to America on ABC’s new weight loss show, My Diet is Better Than Yours!

Check out the clip below to find out more about Jennifer Cassetta’s Strong Safe & Sexy Plan on My Diet is Better Than Yours.

Be STRONG mentally and physically.

Be SAFE from lifestyle related diseases (Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and certain cancers) and any kind of predator by learning martial arts and self-defense.

Be SEXY from the inside out with your newfound confidence!

THE STRONG SAFE & SEXY MEAL PLAN is a pescatarian and gluten free way of eating that has a positive impact on the scale, in your gut and on the planet and is now available on my website as a downloadable PDF that includes 21 days or recipes, sample calendars and shopping lists!

The STRONG SAFE & SEXY WORKOUTS are also available for download so you can punch and kick your way to lift that booty, tighten your core and get stronger, safer and sexier in the process!